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Case 1: Full arch cases - “Teeth in a Day”

Before – “teeth in a day”

After – “teeth in a day”

Failing teeth on upper were removed. Implants were placed and a fixed set of teeth were given to patient all on same day.


Case 2: Full anterior case

Patient had been missing maxillary anterior teeth for many years.

Implants placed for fixed implant bridge 12-22, new crowns on 13, 23

Screw-retained fixed implant bridge

Patient very happy with new functional and esthetic bite


Case 3: Immediate Implant

Trauma to front tooth, now with internal resorption

Atraumatic extraction, buccal plate was preserved

Immediate implant was placed on same day of extraction, decreasing overall treatment time and minimizing number of surgeries


Case 4: Extraction + Regeneration + Dental Implant

Fractured first premolar causing swelling and infection. Also caused bone loss and vertical defect to adjacent canine.

Note the extensive bone loss on the adjacent canine caused by the fracture and infection of the adjacent tooth that has now been removed

Bone graft done to repair the area

Implant to replace missing tooth 24. Note the improved bone fill next to the adjacent canine. Complete resolution of bony defect.


Case 5: Osteotome sinus lift

Missing tooth, sinus pneumatisation with reduced bone height available for implant placement.

Internal sinus lift done at same time as implant placement to minimize trauma, reduce number of surgeries required, and gain adequate bone around the implant for better long-term success


Case 6: Sinus lift

Missing tooth, severe sinus pneumatisation with reduced bone height available for implant placement.

Sinus lift done to gain adequate bone height prior to implant placement



Case 1: Gingival Grafting - Alloderm

Patient came in with chief complaint that his gums were asymmetrical, especially with the recession on his front teeth that made it look longer

After treatment, the patient was happy now that his gums were even and better matched his smile.


Case 2: Gingival Grafting – Alloderm

Patient had severe gum recession on multiple teeth

Postop before suture removal:

Gums were corrected to proper levels, improved gum thickness to better protect the teeth, and health restored.


Case 3: Gingival Grafting – Connective Tissue Graft

Patient had severe gum recession, very thin surrounding gum tissue, and discoloration evident on root surface

Recession was treated, improved thickness to protect tooth long-term, and gums restored to proper health.



Case 1: Esthetic Crown Lengthening

Gingival asymmetry with excess gum showing when patient smiles – giving the appearance of short blunted teeth and “gummy” smile in the anterior region

Gingival symmetry restored – patient no longer has “gummy” smile



Case 1: Pocket Reduction Surgery

Patient came in with chief complaint: “swollen gums”

Significant inflammation caused by deep pockets and bacteria. Pocket reduction surgery to reduce pockets and improve access for cleansability

6 month postop after pocket reduction shows significant reduction in inflammation with firmer, healthier gum tissue around the teeth. Patient now has shallow probing depths and able to better maintain his teeth.


Case 2: Guided Tissue Regeneration

Deep vertical bone loss around the 1st molar. Deep pocket depths and bleeding were noted during hygiene visits.

6 months postop: Regeneration of bone defect. Minimal pocket depth. Gum health restored in the area.

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