Bone Grafting

Bone grafts can repair bone tissue lost to periodontal disease or trauma. Tooth loss can lead to bone resorption and eventually atrophy of the jaw. Fortunately, treatment plans now provide ways to protect against bone loss and work towards restoring what was lost.


Bone Grafting

Dr. Dara Lee performs every extraction as atraumatically as possible, with special precautions to protect the surrounding bone. This is because once teeth are removed, the surrounding bone and gums will collapse due to lack of vitality and function from where the tooth used to be present. Therefore, it is important to preserve and minimize removal of your own existing bone during the extraction. Another way to prevent this natural bone loss and jaw atrophy after tooth removal, is to perform a socket preservation bone graft. This procedure is performed at the same time as tooth removal to avoid the need for additional surgeries. The socket is filled with a synthetic bone powder and covered with a membrane, to act as a scaffold and promote natural healing by your own bone cells. This bone helps to prevent atrophy of the jaw and provide more bone volume for dental implants.

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