Dental Implants

Tooth loss is commonly associated with decay, gum disease or traumatic injury.

For many years, the only available option to replace missing teeth were bridges or dentures. This would often involve compromising neighbouring teeth. Fortunately, with newer technology, missing teeth can now be replaced with a better long-term, more natural looking option to fully restore your smile.

Dr. Dara Lee is a dual board-certified (US and Canada) periodontist and has successfully placed hundreds of implants each year. Each treatment plan is customized to the patient’s individual case and a best-in-class implants are used to offer exceptional reliability and long-term safety.

A dental implant is placed into the area of the missing tooth to replace the missing root of the natural tooth. Over time, the jaw bone and gums will fuse with the dental implant to create a sturdy, artificial tooth root. Once this process is completed and your mouth has healed, you’ll be able to receive a natural-looking crown that is attached to the dental implant, that feels and looks just like your natural teeth.

After undergoing this procedure, patients have reported that they regain the ability to eat and chew normally, and with a realistic-looking crown, your confidence can be restored as well. Placing a dental implant can revitalize your overall oral health. Without a dental implant, the other teeth along the gum line begin to shift to fill the space left behind by the missing tooth. Not only do dental implants protect your oral health, they can help provide you with a great solution for restoring your beautiful smile!

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Dr. Dara Lee, your Toronto Periodontist, provides a range of treatment options including: Dental Implants, Bone Grafting, Bone Regeneration, Treatment for Gum Disease, Cosmetic Periodontal Treatment, and Gum Recession Grafting.

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